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Data Centres

PPSPower have extensive experience in high pressure critical data centre environments.

Our engineers and management team have been managing major multi-sited data centre contracts for many years. We are trusted by some of the biggest names to provide a swift and reliable service when they need it.

Whether your data centre is located in London, Wales or the far reaches of Scotland we have a team nearby that can respond to your crucial requirements.

Read on to see some of our customers, there are many more through the UK. Many of which we cannot promote and disclose.

Some of Our Clients


PPSPower maintain the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) on the site of this Data Centre.  In addition to routine maintenance we have replace UPS units and carried out complete installations. We offer 24/7 365 emergency UPS call out to this site and many others across the UK.

  • UPS Maintenance & Repair

  • 24/7 Call Out

GE Digital Energy

PPSPower maintain the back-up generators on a wide variety of customer sites across the UK. Our relationship with GE has been ongoing for over five years and we have grown together to offer a one stop shop for back-up power solutions.
In addition to maintenance we have carried out a wide range of remedial works, we have moved and recommissioned generator sets and we also work with GE’s sales team on new installations.

  • Generator Maintenance & Repair

  • Generator relocation

  • New installations

The Sharp Project

PPSPower were asked by Manchester City Council to provide an N+1 UPS system for The Sharp Project. 


The Sharp Project is home to over 60 digital entrepreneurs and production companies specialising in digital content production. For this reason they cannot afford to lose power as many of the occupants will be working on data that's at risk of loss.

  • UPS Maintenance & Repair

  • UPS Installations

Bradford City Council

Bradford is just one of many council data centres we look after. Local governments are coming under more pressure to protect and secure data. Ensuring that power failure is not the reason for any loss of data is where our engineers come in and excel.


  • UPS Maintenance & Repair

  • UPS Installations

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