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Hire Generators & Long Term Lease

Generator Hire

Our fleet of containerised generators are available for hire from 8 to 500kVA, with larger sizes available on application.

Our specialist service encompass the following:

  • Free site survey.

  • Installation.

  • Fuel tanks and management.

  • Emergency hire.

  • Standby hire with load transfer (change over) panels.

  • Cables, plus Cable laying and connection.

  • Installation by fully trained engineers throughout the country.

  • Delivery & Collection. 

Load Bank Hire

YorPower have one of the largest fleets of Load Banks available for hire from 100kW to 1MW. The ultimate test for any standby generator or UPS system is to apply the conditions of site load and full capacity load for which it was designed.


Our testing division offers a complete nationwide service of load bank delivery, installation and operation by trained engineers, who have the technology to simulate any sequence of demand cycles. We have a wide range of mobile resistive load bank units, connectable to match any power output and voltage range. Tests can be pre-programmed into computer controlled load banks that record all load acceptance and rejection transients.

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