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Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Emergency and Top-Up Fuel Supplies

YorPower are not a fuel distribution company. We do however have strong long term relationships with a portfolio of fuel distribution specialists throughout the UK and we can support fuel management in a number of ways:

Remote Monitoring:

Speak to YorPower about the benefits of remote monitoring your equipment for proactive fuel management. Read more about the other benefits of remote monitoring by clicking the logo.


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Red Diesel:

Speak to our team about Red Diesel fuel deliveries. Our supply partners can deliver fuel to your site with minimum delivery quantities of 500 litres. At our head office in Yorkshire we store a small amount of fuel and can deliver smaller amounts (usually in emergencies) with our trailerised fuel bowsers.

In April 2022 the government are looking to reduce the number of people who are eligible to use Red Diesel. It is likely that only non-commercial premises will be entitled, this includes homes and public services. The precise entitlements and further details will be communicated at the next Finance Bill. The current position on the governments consultation process can be found by clicking on the GOV.UK logo here: 


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What about PPS-HVO fuel?

HVO fuel provides a straightforward alternative for businesses who are currently using fossil fuels and are looking to lower their carbon emissions.

It can be used as a direct drop-in replacement for white diesel without having to make any adjustments to your engines.

YP-HVO fuel has a shelf life of up to 10 years compared to 1 year for regular diesel, which means there’s a reduced need for regular fuel testing and standing stock replacement.

Simply place an order of PPS-HVO fuel and top up your existing stocks to start going fossil-free today. 


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