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Generator Installation at York University

The University of York installs new Standby 825kVA Diesel Generator for Berrick Saul Centre A new 825kVA backup generator, powered by a Cummins VTA28-G6 engine diesel generator was dispatched to the University of York, to protect the IT Centre in the event of mains power failure.

The new generator was supplied by our sister company YorPower and installed by PPSPower's expert engineering team. The set will act as the reserve supply for the Data Centre and other essential services at the University, as well as the The Berek Soul Centre, and was specially designed to cope with the specific application. A Permanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) was fitted to the alternator to ensure the voltage and current variance did not affect the performance and power supply of the generator. In addition to the PMG, the Cummins generator also featured a wide array of alarms and warning signals, all which are connected and linked via the BMS, and specially designed for the UOY requirements. This will allow the University to spot any faults remotely, ether by email or by text message.

The delivery and off-load was particularly difficult due to the close proximity of tress, pavements, slopes and people. To make the delivery even more difficult, heavy rain had fallen for three days! A final site inspection was made prior to dispatch to ensure it would be safe to crane and locate the generator into its designated position.

The other unique element to the generator was the special design and manufacture of the Cable connection panel and Load bank junction box. In the event that the generator is being tested or maintained, a special shunt trip has been fitted which would automatically allow the generator to switch from manual service mode to, on load running building. The complete generating set is mounted in a weatherproof, acoustic enclosure designed to reduce the noise level to 79dBA @ 7m, ensuring no disruptions to staff and students when it is in operation.

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