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Failure Was Not An Option!

Yesterday a team from YorPower and one from PPSPower took on the Yorkshire Marathon corporate challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK. It really was a real challenge for many of us with some of the team suffering early injuries or going into the event with a niggle or two. However both teams finished and finished in very respectable times:

YorPower = 04:14:40

PPSPower = 04:53:55

Yorkshire Marathon Team

The YorPower team was set out as follows:

Leg A - 4.8 miles = Samantha Gatman

Leg B - 6.1 miles = Stuart Barker

Leg C - 3.2 miles = Ian Thompson

Leg D - 4.1 miles = Michaela Johnson

Leg E - 5 miles = Jonathan Brown

Leg F - 3 miles = Tony Brimble

Stephen Peal & Michael Scattergood

Due to unforeseen circumstances the PPSPower team was set out as follows:

Leg A - 4.8 miles = Stephen Peal ​​

Leg B - 6.1 miles = Stephen Peal

Leg C - 3.2 miles = Stephen Peal

Leg D - 4.1 miles = Stephen Peal

Leg E - 5 miles = Michael Scattergood

Leg F - 3 miles = Michael Scattergood

Building up to this event we held challenges at our head office with our sister company YorPower to help raise even more funds and awareness for our campaign. You can see a lot more about these on our social media channels.


On the 14th September we held a Golf competition where everyone had to pay to enter. This was predictably won by our MD Tony Brimble who is a keen golfer.

The 28th of September was the 'Guess The ​​Baby' competition where we all brought in our baby pictures for others to identify. This proved to be a lot harder than it sounds.

This was followed a week later with a weight holding competition which was surprisingly won by YorPower's Director Ian Thompson. Below is a picture of the valiant effort from our Engineer Matty Robinson.

The week building up to the race was packed with lunchtime activities as we held a quiz, sold cakes, took money for wearing sports kit for the day, held a limerick day (winning entry to the right) and then ​​topped it all with a fancy dress Friday. See below for the tremendous efforts from the staff in both companies.

There's still time to donate, surely all of the above has compelled you to do so, please click on the link.

Click Here To Donate Now

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