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A Tricky Generator Move in Luton


A major player in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Generator Transport

The Challenge:

Our contracted client required us to safely move their 730kVA containerised Generator so that they could carry out some works and remove the sites transformer.

Usually this would be a very simple operation for our team but the location of this set provided unique challenges on the lift. You can see on the picture to the right that the Generator was located under a balcony so we could not get direct access to lift from the top. The most cost and time effective solution was to bring two HIAB's in to lift in tandem (see below).

This move has also given PPSPower the opportunity to give the Generator a better inspection and it was found that the radiator is leaking in an area that was previously hidden. Repairing this would not be possible when it is back in position so we are now rushing through sourcing and delivering what is required to ensure this set delivers when back in position as part of our thorough proper preventative maintenance.

The Tasks & Services:

- Project Management

- Specialist Delivery & Positioning of Equipment

- Service & Maintenance

- Remedial Works

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