Demand Side Response

What is Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) encompasses deliberate actions taken by customers to temporarily reduce their demand on the electricity network, in response to incentives or signals from the market, an energy supplier or the grid operator.

Why is Demand response so important?

Increasingly our electricity is being supplied from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. While this helps us achieve our low carbon commitments, energy from natural sources is difficult to predict and often “peaky” – we have an abundance when the wind is blowing or during the summer when the days are long, but what about when it’s cold, clear and dark? Demand Response providers help to balance supply and demand, by responding to frequency signals, or instructions from grid, to reduce their demand on the network. Demand response providers prevent blackouts and equipment failures, while supporting a greener, more efficient grid. They reduce our reliance on coal-fired, thermal and dirty back-up generators which are coming to the end of their useful life, and do so at a lower cost to the consumer than the alternative of building new fossil-fuelled plant.

How do I know if I can participate in Demand Response?

Each site is different, and PPSPower work with a wide range of industries to support balancing activities. If you have on-site generation we can help you earn revenue from it.

Speak to us now and we will walk you through the process, email to find out more.


To compliment the above and offer an added value service to our customers we have also partnered with a well respected business energy management specialist.

Follow this link to view the solutions we can offer with their support: Energy Management