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PPSPower offer the Riello SENTINEL PRO uninterruptible power supplies with power capacities of  700 VA, 1 kVA, 1.5 kVA, 2.2 kVA and 3kVA (All with a single phase in/out configuration).

The SENTINEL PRO UPS is ideal protection for critical servers, voice and data processing IT systems..
For long runtime applications, Sentinel Pro (ER models) can be fitted with matching battery extension packs which also include additional battery boost chargers.

Sentinel Pro has a customer friendly user interface: an easy to use, built-in mimic panel with an LCD to show input and output voltages, and battery charge status. The inverter is a totally new design, fully microprocessor controlled and constructed to achieve the highest levels of operating efficiency and configuration options.
The SENTINEL PRO UPS also has a USB communication port fitted as standard and a built-in expansion slot for additional adapters, protocol converters or volt-free contact interface modules.
• Filtered, stabilised, reliable output voltage: on-line double-conversion technology
   with built-in EMI filters
• High overload capability up to 150%
• Programmable auto-restart when mains power returns
• Programmable cold-start from battery
• Power factor correction (UPS input power factor close to 1)
• Wide input voltage tolerance (from 120-280Vac) without battery usage
• Possibility to extend autonomy for several hours
• Fully configurable using UPS Tools configuration software
• High level of battery reliability (automatic and manually-activated battery tests)
• High level of UPS reliability (total microprocessor control)
• Low impact on the mains (sinusoidal absorption)
• Input protection with fuse which can be reset.
For more details on the RIELLO SENTINEL PRO UPS SERIES CALL PPSPOWER ON 0345 200 9888 

Alternatively you can email us at

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