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We welcome 9 new members to the team!

Our Growth through COVID

Without doubt the biggest challenge in a generation has been the COVID-19 pandemic.

PPSPower managed to quickly establish cloud-based systems for all CRM, telephony, parts, planning and field software. This allowed our team to work freely and comfortably from their own homes throughout the several lockdowns, without it affecting day to day priorities such as customer service and communication within teams and other departments.

This enabled PPSPower to grow during these challenging times. During the last 18 months, we've been fortunate enough to welcome 9 new members to the PPSPower team, all employed in full-time roles. As well as this, we've welcomed 2 apprentices in finance and electrical engineering, and we're still looking for 3 more apprentices to join the family!

The New PPSPower team

Josh Hampshire - Josh has joined as Group Operations Manager and will cover PPSPower, as well as other companies within the PPSPower family: Glenace, Generator Warehouse and our sister company YorPower. Josh previously worked for 16 years in the gas industry and has worked his way from being an apprentice trained engineer to senior management within a major utilities provider.

After recently moving local to the HQ, Josh had this to say about his new role:

"With this role I am able to be a lot more flexible with working in the office or being out on site which is how I have always worked. Another reason is I really liked what Steve and Tony had to say about the business and the direction they want to take it in. I feel I can add lots of value to the business with the knowledge and skills I have been able to learn from my previous roles. My ambition and the companies vision both seem to be on the same path and that was a really big factor. The opportunity that we have as a group and the challenges of the UK striving to becoming net zero present a real exciting time.

The team so far have been really welcoming and I have picked up on the great team spirit and camaraderie. Everyone has been open and candid about how they think the company should evolve, which will be key to how we best move forward and continue to sustain such a great reputation and brand."

Other additions:

Claire Barker - joined the company’s Service Control Team, moving from national specialist services provider where she was a Labour Controller.

Lydia Macklam - joined the Internal Sales Team. Lydia has a lot of customer service experience and will be a great asset.

Sammie Wells - started as the cleaner at PPSPower, is now a valued member of the Service Control Team. She revealed she has a natural understanding of mechanical engineering, having rebuilt a motorbike in her garage!

Additionally, five new field engineers have recently joined PPSPower to service clients in the south of the UK.

Managing Director Stephen Peal prides himself on great customer service, and is ensuring the growth of PPSPower doesn't affect the current high standards.

Stephen Peal

“I am delighted with our performance as a group since the pandemic, which saw us continue to grow while many companies went the opposite way. We have stuck to our principles of delivering excellent customer service and value, backed by a loyal and multi-skilled team.

We won’t fall into the trap of becoming complacent and will stay aware of new technologies, especially around battery development with regard to UPS units and alternative fuel solutions to diesel. This will ensure that we can develop the team’s skill sets and our service offering in line with these developing trends in sustainability and reliability.”

This is illustrated by the following customer service results:

· 95% of our sales staff were voted ‘good’ or better

· 100% of our clients would recommend us

· 100% of our engineers are ‘well presented’

· 95% of engineers arrived on time

· 95% of our operations staff were ‘good’ or better • 0345 200 9888 •

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