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PPSPower keeps Timeline TV on air with UPS upgrade

When it comes to the broadcasting industry, power is everything. UK broadcasting services provider Timeline supplies state-of-the-art facilities to major broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and BskyB, amongst others. The company backs itself as the leading authority on shared server systems and the delivery of IP Director networks.

Timeline’s broadcast facility in Chiswick Park, West London, required a new UPS installation to ensure reliability of power. This protects the site’s servers in the event of an outage, where downtime could be costly and potentially damaging to the business’s broadcasting services.

Timeline’s state-of-the-art broadcast facility houses a comprehensive range of equipment for media production services. Video and audio equipment, edit suites, voiceover equipment and high bandwidth IP networks all require power via servers, and in the event of a power loss, a UPS backup. In the broadcasting industry power supply is critical to ongoing operations such as programming and production, editing and recording. Any downtime in continuous power will lead to a break in service, which could result in a loss of customers and negative brand repercussions, consequences these businesses simply cannot afford to risk.

Sustainable UPS solutions

To achieve the most reliable and cost-effect solution possible, PPSPower installed two Multi Sentry UPS 200kVA systems and associated equipment. The Multi Sentry was an ideal choice, coming complete with a fully controlled IGBT rectifier to minimize the impact on the grid, and controlled by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) microprocessor, to provide maximum protection to powered loads with zero impact on downstream systems.

PPSPower opted for two standalone units, with battery build, DC cabling, external bypass switch, SNMP and commissioning.


High-efficiency systems for critical sectors

The Multi Sentry UPS solution PPSPower provided achieved an operating efficiency of 96.5%. This technology halves the energy dissipated in a year by traditional UPS, with an efficiency level of 92%, meaning the capital investment cost is returned in less than three years of operation; an incredibly cost-effective solution that provides optimised energy savings.

PPSPower prides itself on supplying UPS systems with exceptional performance and efficiency.

The Multi Sentry UPS offers an input power factor close to 1 with low current distortions, avoiding the need for bulky and expensive filters. The solution offered Timeline more power than its previous system, guaranteeing a greater margin when sizing for future load increases.

The system comes with a smart ventilation principle which manages the number of operating fans and their speed according to room temperature and load level. This helps preserve the life span of the fans while at the same time reducing the noise level and overall power consumption for unnecessary UPS ventilation.


Thanks to PPSPower’s services, Timeline can rely on its servers to perform to maximum efficiency without concern of power loss. In the event of a shortage or power loss, and the UPS system will provide continuous supply, allowing the facility to continue operating without unwanted interruption.

The system has a 12-month warranty period, after which PPSPower can then provide a maintenance package, with engineers available for callout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maintenance packages are all bespoke, developed to customers’ specific requirements and can include the following services:

· 24-hour cover – 365 days a year

· Environmental checks

· Electro-mechanical checks

· UPS functional testing

· Battery Assessment

· Provision of service sheets and documentation

· Recommendations for remedial work

· Advice to improve current system setups

PPSPower – specialists in backup power

PPSPower is one of the industry’s largest and most respected providers of generator servicing, fire pump and UPS maintenance and repair solutions. The business employs a team of dedicated engineers which are based across the country, from Yorkshire and Manchester, down to London and up to Scotland. It works carefully to understand customers’ needs and develop cost-effective solutions that maximises the reliability of their systems.

Stephen Peal, Director of PPSPower, said: “At PPSPower we offer a wide range of UPS systems to protect our clients’ mission critical systems. All of our solutions are customer-focused and cost-effective, and can be tailored to individual business’ needs. There are a number of initiatives ongoing to help balance supply, and demand, including Demand Side Response, which we can help businesses participate in. “Our Multi Sentry 200kVA UPS solution has provided Timeline with absolute reliability, meaning none of the business’s broadcasting facilities will be affected by unnecessary downtime. Our engineers worked extremely hard to ensure there was no effect on the building’s essential operation, and planned works carefully to meet the timescales of the project, minimising disruption. Feedback from the client has been excellent, they are delighted with the solution provided.”

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