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PPSPower in 2018

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

We've created a new corporate video that explains who we are and what we do. Please take a moment to view it.

PPS Power has grown significantly in recent years. We belong to a wider group of companies and are proud to have the long standing relationship with our sister business YorPower. In recent years the group has grown further adding Glenace and Generator Warehouse to portfolio which strengthens and compliments our service offering.

YorPower is the manufacturing and distribution arm of the business, providing high quality generators and spare parts globally. Having strategic stocking depots in Africa and an extensive dealer network worldwide they have positioned themselves of one of the leading suppliers of Generators and Generator components. The key behind YorPowers growth has been its strong relationship with all of the major manufacturers which subsequently enables PPSPower to benefit from exceptional buying power for brand new generators and OEM parts from the major suppliers.

Glenace design and manufacture high quality control panels and ATS systems ranging from single starter enclosures to multi bay panel suites. This means that PPSPower can carry out full panel replacements in a fraction of the cost and time as many of our competitors. We are also able to design solutions that meet our clients needs exactly.

Generator Warehouse have an exceptionally wide range of generators ready to dispatch straight off of the shelves here in Yorkshire. Access to these units places PPSPower in an enviable position when it comes to carrying out quick upgrades and installation projects.

PPSPower are a truely national service partner for all of your back-up power requirements and being part of this group makes us stronger, more equipped and able to carry out swift and effective maintenance.

Call or email us if you're not already benefiting from our services on 0345 200 9888 or

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