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Powering our Police Forces

PPSPower has held a contract to support generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) at West Yorkshire Police for more than 10 years.

Initially, the firm held the contract directly with the police and over the years has worked with various FM companies, but kept that close working relationship with the force directly and now works across 34 sites including its headquarters.

In 2017, Esh Facilities also won the North Yorkshire Police portfolio and chose PPSPower to support these sites under the same contractual terms as West Yorkshire. The business now provides generator and UPS support across 20 North Yorkshire Police sites. PPSPower’s relationship with Esh is a strong one that works to the benefit of the client – with both deliver complementary services.

Trust in our work from a demanding and critical sector

The contract with West Yorkshire Police is demanding due to the nature of the force’s work. Yet, like others, they have developed absolute trust in PPSPower’s capabilities and ability to deliver robust and reliable solutions.

Clients from the public services sector simply cannot afford power outages. The PPSPower company philosophy of a focused approach to taking pride in customer care underpins this work. The team are continually striving for improvements in the way they work.

Ten years of trust from a long-term client of the stature of West Yorkshire Police speaks for itself and is the reason why other public service sector clients also turn to PPSPower.

PPSPower - serving and protecting the forces’ power supplies

When it comes to the protecting West Yorkshire Police from outages, power is everything and critical to the force’s ongoing service provision. Downtime to continuous power could be very costly, potentially damaging to the day-to-day work of the force and also put its reputation at risk. PPSPower ensures reliability of power to the force and reduce the above risk.

PPSPower is on-call to provide maintenance solutions for West Yorkshire Police’s back up power systems. The company provides full service and maintenance on all UPS’s and Generators across West Yorkshire, planned preventative maintenance, 24/7 call out, annual Load Bank testing and new generators.

Naturally the PPSPower team of engineers have to be vetted for security reasons and the company understands the very sensitive nature of working in this sector.

Carrying the load

PPSPower is currently working with the NPS Group for West Yorkshire Police on a major upgrading project across multiple sites. The project has included the replacement of two generators and also the replacement of the UPS on four sites.

The main focus of this project is to install load bank points and temporary generator connections to sites. The load bank points allow PPSPower to carry out better preventative maintenance, reducing future costs through validating the correct operational performance of the system.

The temporary generator points mean that if a site has a major failure, the firm is able to bring in a hire set and connect it to their systems very quickly, thus minimising any potential downtime for the sites.

PPSPower prides itself on supplying UPS systems with exceptional performance and efficiency and sized for future load increases.

Why choose load bank testing?

At PPSPower we recommend that back-up generators are tested on load either through a load bank or against the building load. Organisations such as the police must have 100 percent confidence in their critical systems, and they invest heavily to ensure that these systems will operate as expected, when needed.

Running a generator under load is the only true way to test its capability to operate as specified. There are many engine and generator components that must see real operating conditions to provide confirmation of their ready-state. Load bank testing is essentially a ‘live test’ of the generator working fully loaded in a controlled environment.

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