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Hard work and commitment really does pay-off

We can all look back in time and wonder if those early years were really the good old days. I can quite categorically say that when I started as an apprentice for Dale Electric of Great Britain Ltd back in 1974 they were. This was an era when Britain was still a manufacturing nation with plenty of opportunity to learn a trade. Serving a five-year apprenticeship and being fortunate to work with some highly skilled engineers who took me under their wing. My role within the company was to become a senior test engineer. This role was pivotal in providing me with a good understanding of how generator systems were evolving with new technology.

Wanting to enhance my knowledge as to the various generator applications I was offered an opportunity to join Dark Diesel Services in 1987 as an Installation and Commissioning engineer. Having previously only worked on Dale equipment it was with Dark Diesel Services that I was able to see how other manufactures were to build their equipment and use a wide variety of different components. Working with a small company did present additional tasks like stripping down and re-building engines in a ships hold or lying on ones back on the hard shoulder of the M1 motorway in poring rain re-connecting a wiring loom on a mobile crane. (So much for the good old days).

In 1994 TSE Rollo Uk Ltd was to be the platform in which was to be my first venture into management. Starting out as a service engineer, working alongside your workmates day in day out was at first an unusual position to be in, having to deal with the engineers and customers each day was to bring unusual queries and issues.

In October 2001 an opportunity to good to miss was offered at Progress Group (Yorkshire) Ltd to head up a new service department. Originally much of my time was spent travelling around the UK providing technical assistance to our clients and engineers. A hands on approach has been vital in achieving the level of service and product familiarity. As the company grew most of my time was taken up by visiting our depots and ensuring targets were being achieved. Overseeing national contracts, preparing monthly analysis reports for the board of directors. Providing technical support for both the individual depot service managers and engineers. Initial position as a service manager lead to the role of national service manager. Biggest change to my personnel development was to fully understand the financial side of business.

Power Plant Services were to purchase the generator and UPS service departments of Progress Group in 2014, which, was hence rebranded to PPSPower making it one of the biggest service providers in the country. Our business is a people business; our clients over the years have become more than just business acquaintances more like friends, which they can call on 24/7 and know that we can provide a solution to their problems or queries. Becoming a director at PPSPower is the next stepping-stone in my career history.

Having worked in virtually every town and city within the united Kingdom as well as overseas in the Middle east, Canada, Australia and Africa I have gained a lot of varying experiences in my career to date, with more to come. We never stop learning from our experiences in life.

Coming from a working class background being educated at Bridlington High School and Scarborough Technical College it shows that with hard work and commitment there are opportunities to further your career to a higher level.

I appreciate that I could not have enhanced my career throughout the years without having the support of colleagues past and present for which I am gratefully thankful.

Special thanks to Mr. Ken Bourne (deceased) who was my initial mentor back in my early apprenticeship days. The board of directors at Progress Plant for their trust in me, and leading me into new realms within the generator business. Tony Brimble and Stephen Peal directors and shareholders of PPSPower for having the confidence in me. I for one am really looking forward to the exciting times ahead.

Brian Cosheril

Service Director


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