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Generator Installation on the Isle of Jura

PPSPower's team in Scotland have just completed the installation and commission of a 500kVA canopied Cummins generator on the Isle of Jura.

The client was UK biggest hedge fund star Greg Coffey widely known as the 'Wizard of Oz'. Mr Coffey recently announced his retirement with a £430m fortune - at the ripe old age of 41. He owns mansions in London and Sydney, and bought the sprawling Ardfin estate in the Hebridean Island of Jura in 2008 when it was on the market for £3.5million. The hunting estate includes several houses and cottages, prolific red deer stalking, ten miles of coastline and seven private islands.

Being on a remote island off the west coast of Scotland meant the installation had it's challenges. Luckily it was a great time to be travelling to these beautiful islands as the UK was going through a heat wave.

The generator was sold by our sister company YorPower who along with selling their own branded generators they are also a Cummins dealer. It's the engineering expertise at PPSPower that helps YorPower with regards to Pre-Delivery Inspections, installations and commissioning of diesel generators within the UK.

To speak with our sales team about your back-up power requirements call 0345 200 9888 or email

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