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Generating Funds for Cancer Research UK

PPSPower and sister company, YorPower, took part in the Yorkshire Marathon Corporate Challenge at the weekend in aid of Cancer Research UK. Both teams finished in very respectable times and raised a considerable amount of money for the charity.

Building up to the event both companies took part in a variety of fun challenges to help raise even more funds as well as increasing awareness for the campaign.

On the 14th September a Target Golf competition was held in the main YorPower sales office with everyone paying to enter. After a great tussle the competition was eventually won by our MD, Tony Brimble, who is a keen golfer.

A week later saw two events.

The first was a ‘Hold That Weight’ competition in the PPSPower office with staff taking turns to see who could hold a pair of dumbells out at arm’s length for the longest time. The ladies competition was won by YorPower’s Katie Neilson and the men’s by YorPower Director, Ian Thompson.

The second event was ‘Cakes Against Cancer’ with staff forcing themselves to buy and eat cupcakes – all in the interests of raising money, if rather damaging the drive for fitness by the runners!

The following week saw a Guess the Baby competition where staff brought in their baby pictures for others to identify. This proved to be a lot harder than it sounded but YorPower’s Hannah Pritchard managed to get them all right!

The week building up to the race was packed with lunchtime activities including more cake sales, a limerick competition, money for wearing Sports Kit for the day and then they topped it all with a Fancy Dress Friday.

In all both companies have already raised over £600 for Cancer research UK but they are leaving the Just Giving account open in case anybody else would like to contribute to this great cause.

You can still donate here: JustGiving


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