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Claire Lee Takes on Unique Challenge for Brain Tumour Research

We’re extremely proud that PPSPower’s very own Claire Lee is taking on Captain Tom’s 100 challenge in order to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.

She will be marking what would’ve been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday by completing her own challenge - wearing 100 different dresses in 100 different locations.

Claire said:

“My husband Jonny always says I’ve got hundreds of dresses. It turns out I have 60, so I’ve sourced an additional 40 from charity shops and generous friends. Over the past couple of weeks, Jonny has been photographing me in weird and wonderful locations around our local area, wearing a different dress in each place.”

Her challenge is inspired by her best friend’s son, Finn, whose life was sadly cut short due to a brain tumour in 2015, when he was just 11 years old. Despite going through several treatments to try and shrink the tumour, Finn was awarded the title ‘Child of Courage’ and ‘Young Fundraiser of the Year’ after helping to raise more than £100,000 for Brain Tumour Research and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Speaking to Brain Tumour Research, she said:

“Penny rang me when she first thought there was something wrong with Fin. He had started being sick in the mornings and was complaining of headaches. At first, his symptoms were passed off as a virus but as they persisted, he was given a scan, which revealed a lesion on his brain. That’s when Penny and Wayne’s worlds started to fall apart.”

Let’s all get behind Claire and help raise as much money for Brain Tumour Research, all in memory of Finn Church.

Read the full article about Finn’s story on the Brain Tumour Research website here.

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