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The Green Contract

You Can Think Sustainability

A YorPower Green contract is our most sustainable way of carrying out proper preventative maintenance.

It is still an exceptionally robust regime that offers the best in reliability. We understand that the environments we support are critical and this is echoed in our company value - be the most trusted provider of UPS, Generator & Control Panel solutions.

At YorPower Maintenance we are very flexible with what we include in our regimes and if you are looking for more than what has been detailed below then you'll need to take a look at our Red Contracts web-page that offers the below plus additional tasks.

So What's Included in a Green Contract?


With a Green contract we generally carry out visits twice a year if your generator is there for emergency standby operations – one minor and one major visit.

Both visits consist of 56 checks, which include:


A 26-point engine check.


This visit covers topping up levels, taking and reporting readings and inspecting for leaks.


Cleaning key areas to ensure efficiency and tightening and greasing accordingly.

The oil filters are removed and replaced during the major visit and an oil sample is taken and sent to our laboratories for analysis.


A 24-point battery, control panel and electrical system check (depending upon how many batteries the generator has).

At YorPower we carry out and report on drop test readings on all batteries to ensure reliability but also safety.

Control panels are thoroughly checked over.


A 6-point fuel system check for safety and reliability.

This includes checking for leaks throughout and reporting on fuel levels, examining injector pipes and checking the fuel solenoid.


We also remove and replace fuel filters on the major visit to help improve the life of the fuel and protect the engine.


An inspection of the environment in which the generator is located.

This is carried out when our engineers arrive to make sure the environment is safe and appropriate for it's use.

If you would like anything additional to the above then you need to check out our Red contract webpage by clicking on this image.

Red contract website.png

YorPower recommend adding a Load Bank testing regime where ever possible and if access is difficult you should consider a building load test. Click this image to find out more.

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