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Business Values

Reacting Swiftly and Appropriately to the Critical Needs of our Customers

In business it is well known that time is money. In the maintenance of back-up power solutions, time is the most crucial commodity.

PPSPower is set up so that we can respond to the needs of our customers as soon as they call us, so that upon arrival at their site, we can deliver our customary high standard of service. This means rigorously managing our hardware: head office stocks, container stocks, vans stocks, equipment, IT and phone systems.

We also closely manage and monitor our suppliers, maintaining a robust and dependable supply chain. Most important of all, we ensure our people are competent and upskilled, working within a reporting structure that monitors and approves every action of our engineers.

This approach helps to achieve our overall goal of client satisfaction in this this time- and safety-critical industry sector.

Contruction Engineer

Delivering a Service that goes Beyond Expectations

PPSPower continues to grow by constantly striving to offer the very best service in our sector. If we can delight every customer we work with, we can look forward to continued growth far into the future.

To do that, we have a rigorous system in place to ensure quality runs through every area of our business. Each role is well defined and forms part of a reporting structure so that every action is managed by the most competent and experienced person. We employ people with a professional approach to their work. As a result, our clients come to expect the best every time. In return, this is rewarded with excellent remuneration and staff benefits.

We manage the expectations of our customers so that we can realistically aim to over-deliver on each job. Communication and reporting is another facet of customer care – so that we can consistently deliver quality and look forward to repeat business.

Failure is not an Option

The services we provide allow our customers to carry on with business whenever power fails. That means we live and breathe our slogan, “Failure is not an option”.

To be a company that is relied upon by a growing number of clients with a UK presence, we have to be able to deliver in every area of business 24/7. That means striving to have the best capabilities and competencies in our sector, as well as the very best management of stock, equipment, suppliers and information.

We also understand the vital importance of looking after our staff. We ensure they have the very latest skills and training, are able to be mobilised at a moment’s notice – and perhaps most importantly, we see that they are well looked after. We take care of their physical and mental health, provide an individual programme of continuous professional development, and we deliver generous employee welfare packages from remuneration through to personal reward and recognition.

Ultimately, health, happiness and success are all linked together.


Reacting Swiftly and Appropriately to the Critical Needs of our Customers

Delivering a Service that goes Beyond Expectations

Failure is not an Option

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